My Story

Everything I know about self care is self taught.

I don’t have training, schooling or certification in nutrition, exercise or any health related field.

I can’t offer a sure fire cure for any of your ills.
Or, tell you the best thing for you to do.

What works for me (or someone else)
Might not work for you.

I do have suggestions to offer.
Support to freely give.

I do have a body that’s struggled with health issues for over two decades.
During which time, I tried doctors, diets, supplements, alternative treatments

Most to no avail.

It started out with early childhood trauma. And… Fear.
Leading to psychiatric issues & a plethora of pills.

One day (against all advice), I stopped taking the pills.
I spent years naturally stabilizing brain chemistry, sleep & emotional health.

As I started to show improvement,
Due to autoimmune issues,
My physical health declined.

So, I set off again to heal myself –
This time focusing on my body more than my mind.

The processes have been slow.

The lesson I’ve learned…

Taking care of myself is a necessity –
Not an option.

My health has greatly improved.

I continue to try & learn new things every day.

In all of this,
I have felt alone.

My goal is to make sure other people don’t.

To create a supportive, nonjudgmental space
Where people can go for stories, ideas, tips & recommendations
While sharing their own.

To create a movement
Started by people who understand
Everything begins with ourselves.

That in order to take care of others…
In order to fully enjoy & participate in life,

We must first take care of ourselves.