Whenever I stop writing for a while
It always means

I am deep in thought –
My mind trying to process
Or figure something out


I am feeling stressed & overwhelmed,
A more common feeling than I’d like.

Stopping is a relatively new thing for me.

Until a couple of years ago,
I would go (& do)
No matter what.

Thinking that constant movement was key.
Afraid of what might happen
(Or what might not happen)
If I stopped.

My lifelong health issues have taught me many lessons –
Sadly many by force.

If I push myself too hard…
If I keep going when I’m getting signals to rest

At some point, my body will
Force me to stop.

Preferring to learn my lessons
Instead of repeat them,

I now stop before that point.
No matter how hard it might be.

Knowing that:

Is the last thing that I need.

It’s still hard,
Especially in a world
That values movement & doing
Over anything else.

Then, keep moving.

It’s as if somewhere in the back of our minds
We equate stopping with death.

How can I stop…?

Things are going to fall apart.

And, even when we do,
We worry that we might fall down
A deep dark hole
And never be able to get ourselves to restart.

That we might lose all our progress –
Or, the illusion of it.

What if I stop
Then realize…

I really want to walk away or quit?

What if the lack of movement
Turns up the volume of my thoughts too much?

What if I don’t like what I see?
How I feel?
The direction I’m going?

Things I’m likely only to notice fully
Only when I halt.

Self awareness is drowned out by noise
Coming from outside & in.

If we want:

Stopping (to gather awareness)
Is alway where we must begin.


Obvious self care enthusiast. Long time yoga practitioner. Introvert. Avid reader. Obsessive learner. Perpetual student.

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