Considering the importance of food
In self care,

You might think I’d talk about it more.

The truth is…

I don’t like to.

Food is a topic loaded with stress.

The topic of food has become
Almost more unhealthy than any food you might eat.

People are obsessive.

In the search for health
(Or, more often, weight loss)

People go to extremes.

Before I delve more deeply into this subject
Let’s look at the research & findings.


Every diet works.

Any diet works.

If you want to lose weight,
Following any one of the countless diets
In existence
To the T
Will get you there.

I’m very vocal about how I feel
About our obsession with weight.

Months ago,
My cat knocked my scale
Off of a shelf
Shattering it into hundreds of pieces.

I consider that
A good day.

We’ve become a society
That equates slim with healthy.

Small = good.

But from a self care perspective,
It’s simply not true.

Our health is determined
By an array of things –
Physical, emotional, mental…

Obsessing about something healthy
Makes it unhealthy –

If not physically,
Then emotionally & mentally.

Doing something unhealthy,
Is the opposite of self care.

Let’s go back to the topic of food
In a more general sense.

Healthy, right?

Except that purity can never be determined.
A lot of fish contains heavy metals.
Fish are feeding in polluted waters.

Fish are also being over harvested.
Google it.

In the not too distant future,
If people keep fishing as they now are,
The life in sea & ocean waters will die out.

True thinking about that
Every time you eat fish.


Animals who are often mistreated.
Forced to live in inhuman conditions.
Given antibiotics and steroids –
Things we should not ingest.

Not even to mention,
The stress hormones
That get into their blood stream

Then by eating,
Get into our own.

What about fruits & vegetables?

Surely those are healthy, right?

Take the pesticides & genetic modifications
Out of the equation

You’re left with nutrient deficit soil.

And, long farm to table times.

As soon as you pick a fruit or vegetable,
The nutrient count starts to drop.

Add that up.

Then, realize…

Cooking breaks down nutritional value
Even more.

Which makes you wonder…
Or, makes you understand…

No matter how healthy we eat,
We’re still ingesting things we shouldn’t.

We’re still not getting maximum nutritional value.

Oh… yes.
I almost forgot.

That doesn’t even touch
The topic of water.

The point of all of this…

Awareness is a good thing.
Until it is not.

The above helps explain
Why my awareness of food
Stresses me out a lot

Which also explains
Why I avoid the topic.

Because deep down I feel
No matter how well I eat

It’s still not enough.

People are always curious
What I eat

After 20+ years of using food
To positively impact my health.

I’m thinking about
(Which means I will soon)
Adding a daily self care journal
Which (among other things)
Tracks my food.

I am now
More lax in what I eat

Knowing that obsessing
Is just as unhealthy for me.

I would love to go back in time
When I believed food
Could be a magical cure.

Maybe for some it is.
Not for me.

I do often wonder…

If food or diet is the issue,
Why isn’t it that with growing awareness
And implementation
More people aren’t becoming healthy?

Why is it that well-being
Seems to continually decrease?

I don’t wish my level
Of food based knowledge
On anyone.

It’s done nothing but
Overwhelm & depress me.*

*It has also dramatically increased
My supplement intake.

I just wish people would understand…

Food is important.

But health & well being revolves around
Whole body wellness.

True self care only exists
When we treat mind, body & spirit
As one.


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