Have you ever had a moment
When you suddenly saw
The error of your ways?

A moment when
Clarity floods you.

Suddenly you see things…
Understand things…
You didn’t before

Leading you to now
See things in a different light.

It could be the reality of your situation –
A job,
A relationship,
A commitment…


Like a veil being lifted from your eyes,
Things fall into focus.

You see the truth.
You acknowledge it.

And, like it or not,
You accept it.

I’ve been going though
A period of stillness & silence.

(Thus the reason I haven’t been writing.)

Sometimes I find I have to stop.
To quiet the voices inside & outside my head.

I have to break my habits.

Stop doing so I can be.
So, I can feel.
So, I can see.

I’ve long known that my biggest obstacle
To health, self-care & well being
Is stress –

And, the inflammation it causes.

It inflames our bodies.
It inflames our minds.

It’s easy to look out into the world
And accept stress as a given.

Life is stressful.

So many things to do.
So many places I need to be.

I can do little to nothing
To change the external world –
The world beyond my reach.

My internal world…
My life…

That’s a whole different thing.

I am responsible for myself.

And, it’s embarrassing to admit…

To a large degree,
I am responsible for creating most of my stress.

Sure. Some things are inherently stressful.

But, I create unnecessary stress in my life
Simply by my actions
And the way I think.

Lately, as I’ve been off of my routines,
I’ve realized how I’ve allowed my routines & schedule
To create stress
That doesn’t need to exist.

I hurry without realizing it.

I push my body to work within time constraints
That do not need to exist.

In no part of my day
Is this more evident
Than in the morning

When I try to do too much.

Causing me to start my day
Feeling overwhelmed and rushed.

Since how we spend our first hours in the morning
Sets the tone of our day,

I start out in a way
That sets me up to fail.

This doesn’t mean I never get anything done.
Of course, I do.

It does mean that I drain my energy
Before the day has fully gotten under way.

I start out at full speed.
Then, quickly exhausted…

I’m forced to slow down.

This new awareness has lead me to question
In what other ways
(Or what other areas)
I create stress that does not need to exist.

How am I making things harder for myself?

I’ve gotten so accustomed to asking myself,
“What else do I need to do?”

I’ve forgotten to ask…

What do I need to stop?

And, as I’m seeing now
The only way to really find that answer
Is to stop or slow down.

We never see clearly
When we’re in the middle of things.

In our habits, actions, relationships…
Our vision is blurred.

Only by stepping back,
Can our truth be heard.

So, for once,
Instead of making a list
Of all the things
I need to start doing,

I’m making a list
Of things I plan to stop

Because while self care
Usually involves some action,

For health & well being
Other actions need to halt.

And, until they do,
The thing we’re looking for…
The thing we desire…

We’ll be elusive.

Our progress on hold.
Or, worse…
Going in reverse.

Think about what you need to stop.
And, stop it first.


Obvious self care enthusiast. Long time yoga practitioner. Introvert. Avid reader. Obsessive learner. Perpetual student.

Also blogging at accountableformyself.com

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