I am going through a crisis of sorts –
A too common occurrence for me.

I keep waiting & hoping to come out of it.

Instead, I fall deeper into it.

What if new information was brought
Into your awareness
That made you question everything you believe?

For over a week,
I’ve been pouring over research
Tirelessly 8+ hours a day
That leaves me believing
Something I fundamentally thought to be true
Is not.

And, the ramifications are huge.

My mind still in the stage
Of processing all the research & science,
I can’t fully explain.

To give you an idea…

Self care is based on taking care of yourself.

Generally this includes:
– Listening to your body
– Following your intuition or gut
– Healthy daily habits

But what if I told you research suggest

That any unconscious action or behavior
Never gives us optimal results.

That for healing & well being
We need to tune out the body
Because it’s nothing more than a record of the past.

And focusing on the past
(As it presents in this moment as the present)
Will not lead to health
Or well being in any or all forms.

That our intuition & gut
(Unless properly trained due to extensive practice & experience)
Can NOT be trusted

Because both always tend to lean
Toward the familiar & habitual
No matter what we think.

That there’s a greater intelligence or wisdom inside of us.
(Few question this.)

But that it’s not what we’re used to listening to.

If we did,
We’d be forced to do things
Scary, uncomfortable & unfamiliar to us.

What if the only true path to health
Involved removing our focus
On our body, environment & time?

What if our traditional, culturally accepted
Forms of self care were often a hinderance
To the truer, more effective forms?

I’m continuing to comb over the science backing this –

While also processing all the implications.

I’ll share more in days to come.

For now…
Just think about it.

What if…

In an attempt to be healthy,
We are moving ourselves further away
From the direction we want to go?

Obvious self care enthusiast. Long time yoga practitioner. Introvert. Avid reader. Obsessive learner. Perpetual student.

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