We all know…

Food provides nourishment.
It becomes the body fuel.
It gives us energy.
It’s used for growth & repair.

We become what eat.

Or, if you prefer…

What we eat becomes us.

Food is important.
We know that.

It fuels us physically.

How we feel physically
Affects us mentally & emotionally.

But food isn’t the only
Type of nourishment we need.

We need other types of fuel
To sustain the other non-physical
Parts of ourselves.

And, just as the quality
Of the food we eat
Determines the outcome
On our bodies,

The quality of the other nourishment
Determines the outcome of our lives.

So, I ask again…

What are you feeding yourself?

What kind of thoughts are you thinking?

Do they revolve around:
– Self love?
– Self acceptance?
– Self compassion?

Or, do they revolve around:
– Fear?
– Denial?
– Self judgement & criticism?

The root of the thought
Represents the quality of the fuel.

The same applies to activities,

To everything.

We’re either fueling ourselves
With high quality fuel.

Or, doing the equivalent
Of eating junk food.

And, remember

It’s not what you are doing
(Not even what you are eating)

That most determines the outcome.

It’s the intention behind it.

The core feeling driving the behavior.

Eating well because
You hate how you look
Or fear getting fat
Is unhealthy.

Exercising because
You don’t like your body
Or want to keep (or regain)
The body of your youth…

Again, unhealthy.

A relationship out of convenience.
Based solely on the past.
Without real connection.


Any activity done
For appearances,
Out of a sense of responsibility or guilt
Done to be accepted…


We’re a society obsessed with food.
(Something I will talk about more.)

We’re simply an obsessed society.

For purely positive results,
We need purely positive intentions.

Pure motivations –

Motivations rooted in compassion, kindness & love.

Without that…
No matter what we do,

It falls under self harm.


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