In the midst of a crisis last year,
I made a decision.

To stop
Slow down

Any time I felt stressed, busy, anxious or overwhelmed,
Which is most of the time.

At first,
I worked out of necessity.

I couldn’t do more.
I couldn’t go faster.

I had to both stop & slow down.

As the crisis abated,
It shifted more into a conscious choice.

A deliberate intention to see
If a new (almost opposite) approach
Would work.

For the past 10 days,
I’ve been in a purposeful pause.

Allowing my mind & body
The silence & stillness it needs.

Movement & noise hide many things –
Our thoughts & feelings about our true nature
And the true nature of things.

Busyness has become a drug.
One we are addicted to.


Answers & truth only reveal themselves
In stillness & silence.

They never come when
We’re doing non-stop.

And, without listening,
We risk living our lives mindlessly

Instead of from our soul & heart.

I know what you say…

I’ve said it to myself
Many of times.

“I can’t.”
“I have to…”

As if…
By slowing down
Life itself will come to a halt.

But the lesson I hold tightly
In times of resistance or doubt…

It’s the very thing
I say I can’t do

That will have the greatest impact
On how my healthy, well being & life turn out.

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