Let me ask you a question.

With all the:
– Exercise studios
– Diets
– Social media influencers
– Apps
– Products

And more…

Why aren’t we becoming (and staying):
– Thinner?
– More fit?
– Healthier?

Why is it,
Despite a health craze,

That people aren’t becoming
Noticeable healthier and happier?

I have a theory –
One that decades from now
May be proven.

I believe we’ve become obsessed.

Obsessed with:
– Weight loss
– How our bodies look
– With trying to look or stay young

And, this obsession,
Regardless of what we make ourselves believe

Has nothing to do with health & well-being.

It’s a societal trend.
That’s become a contagion.

We don’t want our best body to be healthy.
We want our best body to look good.

We don’t want to lose weight for our health.
We want to lose weight for our egos.

One could easily try to argue
That it shouldn’t matter
Why we start dieting, working out or practicing self care.

The results should be positive.
The results should benefit us.

And, the results should be the same.

Here is where I disagree.

Why we do something
Inherently affects how we do it.

If I’m exercising to lose weight so I look good,
I push myself.
I keep going no matter what.

Exercise has nothing to with my physical well-being.

I’m doing it for a desired visual result.

If I exercise for my well-being,
I make a point to tune into my body –
Not my ego’s needs.

If my body is tired,
I take it easy.

Or, allow it to rest.

I give it whatever (at the moment)
I feel it intuitively needs.

One approach makes me hard
On myself and my body.

The other demands I take
A gentle, compassionate approach.

I could theoretically be doing the same thing.

But due to my different intentions,
The processes (both internal & external) will differ.

Thereby leading to different results.

It’s due to this reason,
That I’ve started to feel as if
Gyms and exercise studios are no longer
Healthy for me –

Even though exercise clearly is.

Contagion and obsession with looks
Runs rampant.

People are doing healthy things
For unhealthy reasons.

And, it’s very hard not to get caught up
In the mental & emotional virus going around.

Don’t get me wrong.
I was sick with it for a long time.

I struggled to heal
And get myself out.

It’s a necessary reminder
That intention matters.

Intention itself can make us healthy or ill.

Health is not just about the physical body.
It’s about us as a whole.

It’s important that we know
When our intentions are pure –
And, not based on ego or fear.

Until we do,
The results we want will evade us.

No happiness or health will be found.

Purify your intention,
Come from your heart…

And what you seek
Will come to you.

Your results & feedback will be positive & clear.

Get off of the roller coaster.

Accept yourself as you are.

From this place,
Health & well-being will be near.

And, your path
Once rocky or invisible
Will soon become clear.

Obvious self care enthusiast. Long time yoga practitioner. Introvert. Avid reader. Obsessive learner. Perpetual student.

Also blogging at accountableformyself.com

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