Our personal story highlights the pivotal moments in our lives.

It explains where we were,
Where we have been
And how we got to where we are.

There is power in sharing our story.
It connects us to others.
It helps us understand each other better.

There is also a danger.

It can keep us stuck.

Let me give you an example.

My story includes:
– Prolonged childhood abuse & trauma
– Psychiatric issues in my teens & 20’s due to the above
– Nightmares since the age of three
– Health issues due to relentless stress on my body
– Stalkers*

*I’ve lived in fear most of my life.

My life (I’ve been told) would make a good movie.

I refrain from telling my story.
I prefer to keep it to myself.

I would be happy to never speak or think about it again.

I’m tired of it.
I’m ready for something new.

To overcome the past requires moving into the present.

It requires we let go.

I don’t want to carry this old, unhappy story around wherever I go.

To be healthier & happier, we need to be active creators
Of the story we choose to tell.

We need to find a new, updated version.

One that doesn’t keep us in the muck of the past.

There’s always another spin we can take on things.
A shift in perception.
A new reality to be embraced.

Another chapter always lies in wait.

Release your story to change your life.

When we stop mentally repeating & clinging to
The hardships, obstacles & struggles of the past,

We move forward.
We stop holding ourselves back.

We stop defining ourselves by what was –
Or has been.

We regain control.
We become powerful again.

If you don’t like your story so far,
Or even part of it

Then, let now be when a new story begins.

Obvious self care enthusiast. Long time yoga practitioner. Introvert. Avid reader. Obsessive learner. Perpetual student.

Also blogging at accountableformyself.com

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