This year I vow to not focus diet.
To not focus on losing weight.
Or cutting things out of or off of my plate.

Junk food has never been my weakness.

I love fresh, handmade pasta.
Thankfully, it’s hard to get.
And, I don’t make it at home.

I crave sugary things,
Especially around my cycle each month.

My diet is far from pristine.

I am, however, aware of what I eat.

This year, in my consciousness cleanse,
I focus more energy & thought
To cleansing my mind.

To asking…

What am I watching, reading, listening to or thinking about
That is like junk food to my mind?

The direction of the blog this year
Revolves around the mind/body connection.

Mind/body is one.

Caring for my body has become a habit.

I could do more.

But my habits related to my body
(Exercise, food, sleep)
Are all pretty firmly set.

They don’t need massive attention,
An overhaul
Or, even to be replaced.

The non-food or drink related things
That I choose to take in…

That’s another matter.

Which brings me to the crux of the consciousness cleanse –

Everything matters.

Health can’t be found in the body alone.

The mind and body must live in the same zone.

To improve my health,
I need to improve my quality of mind.

To do that,
I need to start paying attention
To everything I ingest.


Is this feeding me nutrients?
Or, causing more damage than good?

Am I ingesting positivity? Love? And, good?

Or, am I ingesting negativity? Fear? Stress?

The answer will directly affect the state of my health.

I like the idea of throwing myself into things.
Unfortunately, that approach rarely works out.

As in this case,
Moving forward purposely will take a bit of finesse.

First, I need to bring awareness to
The choices I make –

And, their energetic effects.

I need to remind myself –

Each choice matters.
Each choice creates an effect.

To improve my well-being
I need to start becoming conscious
Of how my actions affect my mind, body & soul.

If the answer is “negatively”
Or, even “not positively”…

Then, it must go.

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