Let’s talk about stress today.


I am stressed.

Gradually through the years, I’ve learned
To reframe external stressors –

All except one.

Before I get to my stressor,

Let’s talk about what (in this situation)
Reframing means.

It means putting an end to labeling
Some event or things as either good or bad.

It just is.

My water heater goes out.
I have no hot water.
This is bad.

I get in a car accident.
The expenses, the time without my car…
Bad, again.

Both fall under “casualties of life.”

Inconvenient things happen.

They do not have to automatically create stress.

Aside from physical stress caused by exercise or illness,
Most stress begins in our heads.

It’s not what’s happening.
Although we think it is.

It’s the way we choose to think about it.
It’s the way we label it

That provides stress’s fuel.

There’s another type of stress.
A deeper layer, if you will.

It involves engrained patterns,
Due to repeated exposure.

Sometimes cellular by nature.

It’s a stress outside our mental control.

My personal trigger…

My Mother.

Just the thought of talking to her puts me
In a full blown stressed state.

Try as I might to alter my thinking…
To envision a more positive outcome,

I can’t.

My mind is bypassed.
Stress floods my cells.

Your relationship with your Mother may be great.

But, in today’s age…
Everyone usually has something
That takes them to a similar place.

This is the most dangerous type of stress.

It’s chronic.
It cuts to our core.

It damages our body, mind and more.

We can you our best to avoid it.

It still lies in wait.

Meaning under the surface,
We never reach a peaceful, calm, relaxed place
To be in a healthy state.

The question then becomes

How do we get rid of something so deeply attached & engrained?

This is part of the Consciousness Cleanse –

Releasing stress & negativity we’ve been holding in place.

More is to come
On what we can do.

Until then,
Try to pinpoint what stresses you.

What stress begins in your thoughts?

What stress bypasses your head –
And seems to go straight to your stomach or heart?

Get your list ready.

Soon we start.

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