We live in a world where
Things quickly become polluted.

We’re surrounded by toxicity.

While it’s easy to blame this on:
– The air
– Big oil
– Use of pesticides
– And more…

It’s always someone else’s fault.

In this desire to seek a focus
For our external blame,

We fail to address or acknowledge
The toxicity within ourselves.

A matter that is equally dangerous.

Let’s put physical detox aside because

NEWS ALERT: Your Body Is Designed To Naturally Detox Itself

The popularity of supplements, cleanses & fasts
Exists because they promote an agenda.

It’s a mass of people trying to sell you something –
Or, sway you to their side.

If you’re doing something unhealthy,
Give your body a break.

It’s a simple as that.
(No products or services needed.)

Enough about that.
There’s a more important topic to address.

The pollution we carry around in our hearts & heads.

If we look closely
(Which sadly we too rarely do)

Both are often filled with
Hidden and obvious trash.

Things unwanted.
Things unneeded.
Things that weigh us down –

In the form of:
– Thoughts
– Emotions
– Memories
– Experiences
– Opinions
– Beliefs
– Judgements

How many of the above
Floating around in our head
Really serve us well?


What might be the invisible effect
Of them on our health & happiness?

It’s easy to say…

Someone needs to fix that.
Someone needs to stop that
As we look outside ourselves.

It’s harder to take responsibility
For the pollution we cause –

Be it in the world or within ourselves.

This is a call.

To stop looking outside yourself.
Start looking within.

Only then can the real healing
Of our bodies, life & earth begin.

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