There’s a particularly nasty word
I could go the rest of my life
Without ever seeing, hearing or thinking again –


I don’t want to ever:
– Go on another diet
– Read about another diet
– Hear about another diet

Diet is an example of a word gone bad.

Let’s turn to definitions for a moment.

On one hand,
A “diet” is simply the kind of food a person, animal or community habitually eat,

Which is innocent enough.

Unfortunately, societally we use it as a verb.

“Diet”: Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.

Notice the first word of the definition:

This inherently implies:
We cannot control ourselves,

Which also implies,
We cannot trust ourselves.

Because if we could,
Restriction would not be necessary in the first place.

Restriction requires contraction.

Self care demands expansion.

We culturally have developed an idea about health
That involves:

– Listening to others (instead of ourselves)
– Forcing ourselves to do something that we don’t really want to do

Which, by the way,
In large part explains
Why the results we want elude us.

We want two conflicting things.

We want to enjoy food.
To eat things we love.

We also want to change our bodies –
And, improve our health.

We assume (often wrongly)
The two cannot be done simultaneously.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you weigh 300, 400 or maybe close to 500lbs?

If so…
Losing weight will require getting your calorie count down.

To do that,
You need to limit the consumption of certain foods.

But my guess is…
Most of you reading this
Are actually already in pretty good shape.

And, if struggling with health issues,
It’s not because you never took care of yourself.

Strangely, almost counter intuitively,
These are the people
Who tend to obsess the most about dieting.

The ones who in the bigger picture
Need it the least.

And, it’s our obsession with it
That warps it –

And, makes it an unhealthy thing.

Food is our fuel.
There’s no question about it.
It is a fact.

But in our mania to lose weight
Or become healthier,

We lose sight of a component just as important,
If not more so –

The mind.

Doing something good for us
Is really only healthy when
The mind and body are aligned.

When we eat certain foods
Only because we want to look better
Or hope it’ll make us feel better
Without addressing our attitude behind food
We will always fail to get optimal or long lasting results.

Food is many things.

Food is a source of community.
Food can be an expression of love.
Food can bring us delight or joy.

At the highest level,
Food (and the process of eating) should be an act of gratitude

For our bodies
And for the earth.

Everything you see or hear,
Especially over the next couple of months,
Is going to preach

Eat this.
Don’t eat that.

It’s going to focus your mind
On what you need to give up.

It’s going to feed
Our unhealthy relationship with food.

I want to ask you to consider
Doing something very hard –

Step away.

Delete the word “diet” from your vocabulary today.

Choose to embrace a loving relationship
With your body & food.

When you do so,
Healthy choices will naturally follow.

Don’t diet.
Don’t restrict yourself.

Simply start tuning into your body.
Pay attention to how you feel.
Start listening to what your body tells you it needs.

Trust yourself –
Not someone or something else.

When you do,
You’ll find your body naturally tells you
How to satisfy it’s needs.

It innately knows
The foods & care it needs
For optimal functioning.

Most importantly…

Learn to recognize that
Dieting as we know it
Has now become a disease.

Pathogenic viruses causing infection in host organism

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