Mindfulness is usually discussed in terms of meditation –
Mindfulness meditation.

For the purposes of this blog,
We will be referring to as a state
Instead of set action.

Meditation is great.

There are so many proved positive effects of it,
Considering it’s free (if not easy)
Everyone should do it.

But somewhere, in the way that often happens in the West,
It’s become warped.

The goal isn’t to mediate.
It’s to be.

To be mindful.

Meditation helps in this process.
It is not the end goal.

To be mindful is to be aware –

Aware of your physical body,
Aware of your thoughts,
Aware of your emotions,
Aware of your environment…

To be aware,
One must first be present.

And getting to that state,
Outside of meditation,
Is what the focus here will be.

It’s great to be aware & present
For the 5 to 20 minutes you sit down
Close your eyes
And focus on your body or breathe.

Lost in all the hype about meditation
Is that fact that the end goal
Is to live in AND act from a meditative state,

Which means a calm, centered, present focused state.

Here is where we want to be.
Here is where we are our best.

By all means, mediate.
It’ll be well worth your time.

Just know when you come to these pages,
Mindfulness will be applied to
How we make decisions –
And live our daily life.


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