Before we delve into the topic of mindful action,
It’s important to address AND identify it’s opposite –

Mindless action.

There’s no doubt as we go about our days
We do so with some sense of purpose.

We get to work on time.
We get work done.
We pick up our prescriptions.
We go to the grocery store.
We make necessary calls…

With each action,
We are trying to do something
For a specific reason.

This process often gets confused
With mindfulness.

It might feel like
We are being mindful.

In most cases,
We are not.

True mindfulness,
Even coupled with action,
Comes from a calm, still place.

Something deep inside of us is rooted
In the moment

In our being.

We move.
We speak.
We interact

Only from this place.

When we do,
We are aware –

Of our bodies,
Our thoughts,
Our movements,
Our environment,
Of others…

Things take on a crispness.

We are more alert.
We are also more relaxed.

Even in action we understand our strength & power
Come from being.

And, as long as the mind remains quiet
Or we refuse to attach to our thoughts,

We understand this state
Represents a type of home.

The place we are meant to be.

The place from which we are
Truest to ourselves.

The place in which we are
The highest, purest form of ourselves.

Everything in the world
Seems designed to
Knock us out of this place.

Constant noise.
Constant movement.
Constant input.

Our habits & routines,
Even those that serve us well,
Happen unconsciously.

This is our test.

One we commonly fail.

Can we stay mindful despite everything around?

The road to mindfulness
Is filled with potholes & roadblocks.

Yet despite what obstacles
Present in our path,

Mindfulness asks us to keep going.
Never stop.
Never turn back.

Mindfulness is a transformative process.

We become more alive
As we become more aware.

But first we must fully embrace
The process that will get us there.

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