It’s a new year.

The time when people start frantically
Setting goals,
Making resolutions,

Promising themselves that
This year they will finally…

The type of resolutions & goals set
Runs the gamut.

However, the majority of them
Will by far be related to self care

Whether it be:
– Taking better overall care of yourself
– Getting more sleep
– Losing weight
– Exercising (or exercising more)
– Reducing stress
– Simplifying their life
– Improving their relationships

These goals all have a couple of things in common:

Most of them are focused on a negative
Twisted to sound positive.

Most are vague –
And, never ending.

Most will also be made year after year.

I don’t want to burst your bubble.

This can be the year you change.

The year your body grows stronger.
The year you drop any excess weight.
The year your body heals…

This year can also just as easily
Turn out like the rest.

You have good intentions.
You really do want to…

But somehow inevitably life gets in the way.

This year, unlike any other year,
I’ve thrown out all my old, long standing goals.

I’m tired.

Tired of always trying to get in better shape.
Tired of always trying to increase my energy.
Tired of even thinking of losing weight.

I’ve come to realize
(Thankfully, not too late)

All along I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.

In my desire for change,
I’ve allowed my mind to focus on the negative
And, the downside of everything.

I want to lose weight
Because I feel fat.

Fat is unacceptable.
Therefore, I am unacceptable if I am fat.

I want to get in better shape
Because I feel I should be in better shape.

When in truth, it’ll never be enough.

I’ll striving for something that
Will never be good enough.

I want to increase my energy levels
Because I should have more.

I need to get more done.

I don’t like feeling tired.
It depresses me.

Even though, it’s my body’s sign
It needs something.

Why am I not instead
Simply listening to what my body
Is trying to tell me?

This year instead of resolutions,
Instead of focusing on change

I plan to set intentions.

The primary ones:
– To follow my intuitions
– To listen to what my body tells me
– To give my body what it needs
– To be more mindful
– To increase my awareness of everything
– To use my thoughts to create a healthy internal environment
– To release the negative, old & unhealthy

To tune into myself, my environment & the world
On a different, more positive, healthier level

Not knowing where exactly this will take me
But trusting myself enough to know…

It’s the direction I want to go.

Let’s look at numbers.

95-98% of people fail to lose weight –
And keep it off.

Studies actually show
People who lose weight
Not only gain the lost weight back,

They actually gain back more.

Billions of dollars…

Is spent every year on weight loss, diet & exercise.

And, still only 2-5% of the people will succeed.

Despite all the information available
About diet, nutrition, healthy living…

The population as a whole is still gaining weight
And, becoming more unhealthy.

Now, ask yourself…


My answer to that question –

People are focusing on the wrong things.

This year as I settle into my intentions,
I also shift the focus of the blog.

The focus will be:

  1. Mindfulness. Not in terms of mediation. In terms of overall awareness. Mindful choices. Mindful actions. Mindful thoughts.
  2. Intuition. You (Not the “you” in your thoughts. Not the “you” who judges yourself)… The “you” underneath it all knows what is best for you. You have the answers. You just have to listen.
  3. Conscious creation. As it is applied to thought. We are with every thought & action affecting our bodies – and our environment. It’s time we use this to our advantage instead of against us.
  4. Consciousness cleanse. This is for anyone, like myself, who has suffered long term health issues. Endured a trauma. Or, simply feels weighed down by the speed or negativity in life. It’s focus will be on integrating the first three while removing negative, unhealthy influences to cleanse our body & mind.

The overall goal:

To take self care to new, higher level.
To get better, more long lasting results.

It’s about changing our relationship to everything around us.
About improving our relationship with ourselves.
About showing kindness, compassion & love to our bodies.

It’s about changing the way we live our lives.

All in way that promotes well being –
Instead of fosters ill health.

This is what I define as…

Xtreme Self Care.

Obvious self care enthusiast. Long time yoga practitioner. Introvert. Avid reader. Obsessive learner. Perpetual student.

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