As of January 1st, I begin a 365 day process
I call an extreme “consciousness cleanse.”

Before I explain what a consciousness cleanse is
From my point of view –

And, what I’ll be doing

It might help to know why.

And, to understand that we need to
Go back in time
Into my personal story.

For over 20 years, I’ve struggled with autoimmune issues.

In an attempt to “cure” myself,
I’ve tried countless diets, supplements & alternative health treatments
All of which have basically failed.

At this point in time,
I could have been worse.
I, also, could have been better.

I’ve always shied away from pharmaceuticals.
Always leaned towards a more natural, holistic approach.

However, no matter what I did
Or how long I did it,

I never experienced optimal results.

Which lead me to wonder…

If I’m doing the right things,
Why aren’t I getting better results?

Is it because I had the wrong approach?
Or, the method or product didn’t work?

Was some other factor coming into play
Affecting my results?

This lead to years of in depth study & research into the mind –

And, it’s effects on the body.

(And… This is the new path the blog is going to go.)

A mind/body link had been proven.
The mind affects the body.
It’s a fact.

Our thoughts & beliefs affect our results.

What if (which is now what I believe)
The key to health & well being
Begins in the mind –

And, slowly trickles out.

What would you need to do
To prime the mind
To start producing optimal results?

Detox is one of the biggest buzz words in health.

No doubt after the first of the year,
It’ll be what many health sources are talking about.

But, what about the mind?

What about our emotions?

What our spirit or soul?

How toxic are we?
How full are we of negativity?

A consciousness cleanse is about releasing unhealthy:
– Emotions
– Habits
– Thoughts
– Beliefs
– Behaviors
(And more.)

It’s about quieting or eliminating
Internal & external negativity and noise.

It’s about priming yourself for the best:
– Experiences
– Emotions
– Interactions
– Results

By consciously creating
The internal world you want

Knowing that what you create or allow inside
Always trickles out.

It’s about being the change
You want to see in the world.

The recurring theme –

Energy matters.

The energy of everything matters.

It affects us on all levels.

And, most importantly…
It affects our results.

Self care is seen in regards
To the actions we take
To take care of ourselves.

As well as small & large ways
We pamper ourselves.

But, at it’s core,
It’s about being more aware.

When you first start down a path,
It’s about what you do.

Like start exercising.
Or, stop eating junk food.

Once you’re further along
Or realize progress has slowed or stopped,

You begin to examine the things
(Thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions…)
Underlying your actions.

Then, it becomes more about
Improving the approach.

If you’re trying to lose weight
Because you hate your body,

You may lose weight.
It won’t equate to health.
(Nothing healthy comes out of self hate.)

If you’re trying to lose weight
Purely out of self love,

You may lose weight.
It won’t matter if you do.

The sheer act of continual self kindness
Will make you feel better than you now do.

In order to make this sort of shift,
We have to dig within ourselves.

Uncover things hidden & pushed away.

We have to:
– Be mindful
– Be intentional
– Use our intuition
– Consciously direct our thought

All of which are the new categories & subject matter for the blog.

As the new year begins,
I’ll be going into more detail about my step by step plan

One that will require me to change long standing
Habits, patterns & routines.

One that will require me to push myself
Into an uncomfortable space

In order to become better & more…
Than I now am.

We’re living in an unhealthy world.
Within that we must seek & find our health.

But that’s impossible
If we keep doing the same things
We always have.

This isn’t just about self care.
It’s not just about well being or health.

It’s about shifting our energy
From negative to positive
To benefit ourselves & everyone else.


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