Diet (noun): a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons

Diet (verb): restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight

Counter to what everything says or suggests about health, well-being & self care, I firmly resolve to never diet again.

Everyone has their own story…
Their own struggles in terms of health, fitness & self care,
Which affects or is affected by their relationship to food.

Dieting has become an obsession. An addiction…

Neither of which by their very nature can lead to a healthy place.

Add to that…

Dietary & nutritional advice is often contradictory.

One thing says this is good for you.
Another thing says the same thing is bad.

In addition to the above,

In an attempt to get better, faster results people go to unhealthy, unsustainable extremes.

The focus on food should be on nourishment.

Not restriction.

Extremes involving pushing ourselves and depriving ourselves from pleasure will never lead to health.

And, resting our self esteem on how our body looks or what we weigh reinforces a degree of ignorance & immaturity that come from shallow societal programming.

The goal shouldn’t be to force ourselves to eat (or not eat) something because of how we look.

To label (even natural, healthy) foods as good or bad.

Or, use food as the answer to our health & weight loss prayers.

Healthy food is good for us.

But healthy food cannot counteract the negative effects of an unhealthy body image or mind, built up emotions, disempowering stories…

We can eat all the spinach (or chicken, or carrots…) we want

But intention trumps the positive or negative effects of food.

If I eat this because I don’t like my body,
It won’t lead to health.

If I lose weight to be more acceptable to myself or others,
Long term happiness will never prevail.

All I’ve done is cover my discontent, dissatisfaction or unhappiness with a flimsy veil.

We are not our bodies.
We are more.

Only when we fully embrace this truth
Can we use food in the way (& for the reason) it was meant for.

Allowing our bodies to thrive.

Our souls to soar.





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