An unexpected memory pops into my mind.

Months ago while driving one of my tires blew out. After safely making it to the side of the road, I called for a tow truck. And, waited.

Within minutes of sitting in the silence of the car I realized,

I urgently needed to use the bathroom.

With nothing in sight for miles. No shrubs or trees for cover. I uncomfortably sat.

I made it without incident to the repair shop. Used the restroom. Purchased a new tire. Went home.

A far from noteworthy story except today as I was driving past the spot my tire blew out, a thought struck me.

I must have needed to use the restroom before I got in the car, which meant…

I ignored the sensation (likely figuring I’d just wait until I got home.)

This memory made me wonder how many times I’ve consciously or unconsciously tuned out my body’s needs.

Health & self care both require that we give our body what it needs – when it needs it without using our mind to override, silence or push through for our convenience.

I’m hungry, but busy.
So, I wait to eat.

I’m tired but caught up in activity or my to-do list.
So, I continue on.

My mind races. I need quiet.
Instead, the volume turns up. I lose myself in the noise.

Each equates to pushing through knowing (or willingly ignorant) of the toll it’ll ultimately take.

Each represents a small, non earth shattering moment we can endure without huge immediate negative consequences.

Add them up over time –

And, their negative impact exponentially multiplies.

More importantly…

Whenever we override the body’s messages, the subtle messages become more quiet as the sound of the mind amplifies.

We lose touch of the symbiotic balance that should exist between our bodies, emotions and mind.

As the alert system’s first line of defense is forced offline by the mind, we become incapable of accurately assessing what our body needs until, after enduring so much abuse, our body screams –

Help me!
Pay attention to me!

This is the point at which we wake to (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) health issues that have long spiraled out of control.

We wonder how we got there.
What went wrong.

When our body was trying to reach us… Trying to help us heal & return to balance… Trying to tell us what to do to avoid it’s decline all along.




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