I’m very vocal in expressing

Food alone rarely heals

Unless food alone was the cause of your illness, which it rarely is.*

(*Stress, not diet, is the root of an estimated 80% of all illness/disease.)

My physical pain started when I was 15 years old. Approximately 10 years later…

After a serious car accident, my pain peaked to the point it literally immobilized me.

Finally, I reached a point where I realized if I didn’t do something to try to make it better, it would only get worse.

This is when I turned to yoga AND food.

I began obsessively (as is my tendency) researching autoimmune issues, eastern modalities & food to heal.

This was 20 years ago. Information was harder to come by.

First, I removed all chemicals from my home (cleaning products, skin products, +)

I changed my diet. All organic vegan and gluten free.

Do I believe the diet helped?

Yes. To some degree.

My pain lessened.

How much of that was related to food?
How much was related to the 3 hours of yoga a day (for years) I practiced?
How much was related to Eastern modalities of healing I tried during the time?

It’s impossible to tell.

But here’s an important caveat:

In addition to changing my diet (plus everything else I did), I also had all sorts of testing done – including gene, food sensitivity & reactivity testing.

I found out all the foods that weren’t good for me because they increased inflammation in my body.

The testing showed that my body responded negatively to some “healthy” foods –
– Pineapple
– Nuts
– Bananas
– Chicken
– Black pepper…

Things I never would have considered the need to cut out. Because they’re not “bad.”

Also, I found out I had an extreme chemical sensitivity (making organic foods a necessity for me.)

And, even though I dislike fish, I’m not supposed to eat it.

Fish contains metals & unknown contaminants from the pollution of the water in which they live.

So, fish considered by most one of the healthiest foods is not good for me.

(I also found out I don’t absorb certain nutrients well. Another component that if I had been missing could have negatively impacted my health.)

Without testing, I wouldn’t have known any of this.

To complicate matters, food sensitivities (or allergies) can develop at any time.
And, develop with any food.

You could become allergic or sensitive to kale!

This is not a “go get tested” message.

It’s simply a warning that you can’t just switch up your diet & expect all to be good.

To use food to heal, you need to adjust what you eat to suit your body’s needs & reactions.

You also need to track how you feel –
Understanding that “healthy” food could still cause a problem for you.


Foods biggest impact comes when you get to the root of your mental & emotional dis-ease & stress.

Keep the stress…
Keep the old lifestyle & habits (of thought, action…)
In any way hold onto the past

And, food will not help.

Or, if it does…
The results are unlikely to last.




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