By last Wednesday night I had the seeds of a plan.

The dietary component was to follow a cleansing/healing program that Valentina Gaylord (owner of The LaGree Studio) was following.

It included daily workouts. (I haven’t worked out since Wednesday.)

And, a 30 day juice cleanse (basically one juice an hour) with one meal a day.

It sounded like a great idea. With the help of Joanie Frieden (owner of Daily Juice Cafe,),
we arranged for the cleanse to begin the next day.

By Friday afternoon I contacted Joanie and told her I had to stop the juice cleanse.

It wasn’t an issue of primarily drinking green juice for 30 days. That actually appeals to me.

And… The juices were very good.

I couldn’t drink enough juice, which equated to (by the end of today) 9 bottles of juice going to waste.

Nor could I manage to eat enough.

Two of the days, I ate maybe 200 calories worth of raw food. One day I ate one bite of an apple. And, today I haven’t been able to eat anything. (Likely to due to completely unrelated emotional stress.)

This means I’ve been taking in less than 900 calories for the past 4 days.

If this continues on… I’d likely pass out during exercise class (which I plan to return to tomorrow.) And… Waste away.

I’ve discussed with Joanie (who is incredibly kind with her time & openly shares her knowledge) an alternative plan. One that includes 3 juices a day + 2 small plant based meals.

I’m going to give that a try tomorrow. And, see how it goes for a day or two before I decide if I can continue it for the remainder of the 30 days. Or, if I need to adapt the juice/meal ratio to suit my body’s needs.

I’ve had an extremely stressful & emotional 4 days due to the loss of a loved one.

I had wanted to share the process of the cleanse. My body’s reactions to it. How I felt…
I’ve felt terrible. I do not believe that’s related to the cleanse.

But it’s impossible to disentangle the effects of the two.

There are things I want to add to my self care regime. Some are related to Medical Medium* by Anthony William. (A book Valentina highly recommended.)

I’d planned to write a review. Instead, I’m going to break down certain sections & information – and discuss them in individual posts.

As is too often the case, I’d hoped to be further along. Again…
As is too often the case, life interrupted my plans.

In my physically & emotionally weakened state, I have an acceptance I often lack.

A calm certainty that things will come & happen in their own time. And that…
For my health & well-being I need to relax.

Stop pushing back.

To let myself just be.

As long as I can stay present & grounded, what I seek will come to me.





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