For around 7 years, I exercised at a barre studio.

At first, I loved it. (As much as I’m capable of loving any form of exercise.)

Over the years, I grew increasingly dissatisfied & discontent.

Teachers changed. Clientele & staff became cliquish. (The list goes on…)

Doing something for so long makes it hard to pull away. I tried to stop going. I wanted to. But I kept being pulled back into this routine I’d begun to despise.

Until a couple of years ago, when due to my father’s failing health (which ultimately lead to his death) and my mother’s subsequent decline, my schedule became so erratic

Finally, I quit going. In doing so, I allowed the habit & morning routine associated with it to fade away.


I needed to exercise. (So evidenced by my growing waist!)

Three weeks before Christmas I took a leap.

After 12+ hours of research (into the method, the machines, the studio) I decided what would be my next exercise thing…


They have three studios.*
One located near my home.
A nicely timed class schedule.
The reviews are amazing.

Now… I just had to go.

In December, the studio offered specials. I began by signing up for 3 weeks. (Even though I planned to continue, this gave me an escape route if it turned out to be a colossal mistake.)

I’ve never loved exercising. THE LAGREE STUDIO hasn’t changed my mind.

It’s challenging. Hard. Each exercise, each move requires complete focus forcing you into a zone where time flies.

I enjoy the equipment, which is effective without producing any stress on your body. (A necessity due to health issues & injuries which limit what I can do.)

The routines are completely different each time. You never know what you’ll do. Exactly what your body needs to maximize results!

As an added bonus, they offer an InBody Body Analysis allowing you to track your progress as you go. (Included in some packages. Reasonably priced when not.)

Probably my favorite thing, besides certain amenities like filtered water for your water bottles that cuts down on plastic waste and wonderful smelling soap & lotion adding small, but special touches…

The owner, Valentina Gaylord who is point of contact where all things THE LAGREE STUDIO are concerned.

She’s warm. Down to earth. Inviting. And, a pleasure to interact with.

She clearly takes pride in her studios.
She cares about her clients.

Openly listens & responds to all concerns.

It is this… Probably more than the workout itself (which I am certain will lead to amazing results),

Which makes me confident this is a business & person I want to fully support.


(*The Featured Image is of the Arbor Town Square Studio)


Hill Country Galleria Studio


Downtown Austin Studio




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