Clutter is a huge problem in everyone’s life.

It might be visible, physical…
Or, of the invisible, intangible type…

Whether you can see it or not,
You can feel it.

It’s something weighing you down.
Stressing you out.
Overwhelming you.

It’s a constant onslaught of physical, mental and emotional noise.

Maybe’s you have too much stuff.
Try to do too much.
Take in too much information.
You’re too hard on yourself.
Or, simply have problems letting go.

Everyone, in one way or another, lives in a state of overload.

Overload creates extreme amounts of stress.

Stress takes a mental, physical & emotional toll,

Which is why decluttering, streamlining, simplifying, prioritizing (whatever you call it, in whichever form fits your specific needs) has become a necessity for your health.

The answer you’re looking for…
The questions to ask…

What’s overwhelming you?
What’s stressing you out?
Where do you need more room?
What do you need to lose (or get rid of) to feel more free in your life?

Societally, we’ve bought into a lie.
One deep down we know to be untrue.

That we can be (often to everyone), do & have everything all at once.

Even when life starts to force us to take notice,
Still we resist.

Often out of denial.

Fear of judgement –
If not from others, than from ourselves.

The tendency then becomes to either push forward or hide.
Both have equally devastating results.

A price to pay –
A price too high.

It’s to reclaim your life.
It’s time to reclaim your health.

It’ll be a process.
But if diligent & dedicated…

You are assured to get there.




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