Xtreme self care is NOT:

  • Restricting our calories, starving ourselves or fasting in hopes of miraculous weight loss
  • Swearing to never eat dairy, gluten, sugar or chocolate again
  • Meticulously tracking what we eat. While obsessively tracking our weight every day
  • Exercising more or harder (unless you’re not exercising at all)
  • Frantically trying to change parts of ourselves we dislike or refuse to embrace
  • Criticizing & judging our bodies (or our lives)
  • Injecting, lifting, surgically augmenting our bodies to make us feel better about ourselves
  • Believing we are anything less than perfect & whole as we are

Xtreme self care IS:

  • Being kind & compassionate to ourselves in all situations
  • Sometimes eating a doughnut. Other times not.
  • Listening carefully to our bodies. Then giving them what they need
  • Learning to slow down & relax
  • Saying no to anything that doesn’t serve us
  • Fully accepting ourselves as we are (without the obsessive desire to fix or hide what we consider our flaws)
  • Embracing new ways of living & being that prioritizes ourselves
  • Recognizing our beauty inside & out
  • Doing all the above especially when we’re busy, overwhelmed, stressed or tired.


Our Mission:

To create a community of people dedicated to holistic living
As a means of taking better care of themselves
While supporting, encouraging & helping others along the same path.

Obvious self care enthusiast. Long time yoga practitioner. Introvert. Avid reader. Obsessive learner. Perpetual student.

Also blogging at accountableformyself.com

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