Sugar is not your enemy. It’s not inherently evil or bad.

Consuming too much is unhealthy. It throws glucose levels out of whack, contributes to weight gain, creates an acidic environment where illness can reign.

But… It’s not a malevolent force sent to destroy us. It simply is what it is.

We are blessed with a mind capable of deliberate, conscious thought. Therefore making us responsible for the decisions we make.

Should we eat pounds (or even Tablespoons) of sugar a day?

It’s not the best choice. Better, healthier options exist.

Here’s the problem… The moment we label something (good/bad or right/wrong) we’re also labeling ourselves & others.

Labels create judgement. Although science (as far as I know) has yet to discover it, I’m certain one day they’ll prove that the mind has more power to wreck havoc on the body than food.

That by eroding ourself confidence, self esteem, self trust & self love, we create internal & external conflict levels potentially & exponentially more damaging that sugar consumption.

Limit it. Embrace healthier alternatives. But stop being a sugar Nazi. And, enjoy your life.

If that includes a doughnut every now & then, bites of cake, pieces of chocolate, a glass or two of wine… Relax. Savor the moment. Your body will be alright.




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